"Sun, air, water, earth, and subtle energies become plants. The essential oil is the soul of the plant that interacts with us. From this awareness Olfattiva was born: 100% natural perfumes, certified for the body and the environment. Olfattiva project development center creates innovative devices to sanitize environments with botanicals. In our laboratory we compose dedicated fragrances for events, resorts and companies."


Product Specials

  • Cocco Oil 100 ml

    Cocco Oil 100 ml

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

    5.00 €
  • Lemongrass 10ml

    Lemongrass 10ml

    Cimbopogon flexuosus

    Pure essential oil

    8.00 €
  • Laurel Hydrolat 200ml

    Laurel Hydrolat 200ml

    Laurus Nobilis

    Handmade, following the aldeic lunar calendar, steam current extraction from Laurus Nobilis.

    7.00 €
  • Studio 10ml

    Studio 10ml

    Lemon Myrtle, Verbena

    Synergy of pure essential oils

    9.50 €

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