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Certification is a particularly complex issue: very often behind a reassuring title you are going to find strange raw materials and non-transparent processes. We need to consider that the pressure of big corporations has meant that a product composed of 25% of raw material of natural origin and 75% from synthetic substances can be called “natural product.” For our part, we often speak with people who are afraid to wear a real biological plant while they do not bother to use synthetic fragrances based on hydrocarbons.

It may happen that an extractor of essential oils has a great product, distilled directly from spontaneously grown plant, despite not having any certification. As wel as it may happen that a large company shows up certification of naturalness for its essential oils, which are actually adulterated or cut.

Olfattiva, following its own beliefs, did some test on its perfumes by the Centre of Cosmetology at the University of Ferrara on some volunteers’ skin. The results confirm that our natural products are absolutely suitable for the skin.

In order to protect our customers we decided to certify our products in agencies that really inspect and ensure the integrity of the product and the manufacturing processes to reveal a physical and ethical compatibility. We confide in real experts in this field who do not boast about the naturalness of the product just to attract more customers.

The entities that certify Olfattiva

Vegan Ok - Olfattiva

Vegan OK is the first certification for Ethical Vegan products originated in Italy. VeganOK is the most common ethical standard in Italy with about 500 certified companies and services. It guarantees to consumers the absence of animal parts in any kind of product.

All our products are tested on humans only and absolutely not on animals. We are going to release a line of products for yourpets rigorously tested on humans!

Bio Eco Cosmesi AIAB the first recognition on organic cosmetics in Italy that guarantees compliance with a specification and the use of good practices: Only non-allergenic and irritating vegetable raw materials; Use of agricultural and livestock products from organic farming.

The Bio Eco Cosmesi AIAB brand is based on four simple principles that can guarantee the final consumer that the entire food chain is completely organic and that the raw materials used are 100% Italian.

_ Organic raw materials
_ Ecological packaging
_ GMO free
_ No experimentation on animals
_ No harmful raw materials