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Alarino Diffuser


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Alarino Diffuser


Alarino is an air care system for pure essential oils.

With its essential design of solid wood and pyrex glass it fits everywhere.
Alarino is a cold diffuser which atomizes pure essential oils.
With its essential design of solid wood and pyrex glass it fits everywhere. It is the simplest and more efficient diffuser to spread essential oils in different environments.
Ideal for the office, home and small retail outlets.
It is enough to introduce a few drops of pure essential oil (or diluted in a few milliliters of food alcohol) to load it.


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A small perforated glass cap, positioned at its top, prevents the entry of dust or insects that may dirty the system.
A potentiometer adjusts the supply, so that you can decide the intensity of the diffused perfume.
Every two minutes it gets off and then turns on again to allow scent to spread out evenly, avoiding excessive saturation in the dispensing area.
To avoid that you can forget it on for days, Alarino turns off automatically after two hours of use.
The system operates at 12V and is absolutely safe, complying with CE standards.
Alarino works through the so called “Venturi principle”: an extremely quiet aerosol which atomizes the essential oil in very light molecules, which are widespread in the environment perfuming it naturally.
The pump inside of Alarino produces an almost irrelevant noise, from 30 to 35 decibels, slightest softer than the fan of a computer.
Alarino is the right diffuser for every lover of aromatherapy, for anyone who is used to spred pure essential oils or for those who want to start using them properly.

Instructions for Use

Place a small amount of pure essential oil being careful not to exceed the level of the nozzle to prevent liquids from entering into the pump and damage it.
Choose only pure and good quality essential oils that do not have granules in suspension, because these could occlude the dispenser.
We recommend to spread only high quality essential oils, preferably organic.
Essential oils can be diluted with food alcohol, to extend the spread and alleviate the smell, keeping clean the bulb.


To clean it up, just spill 1 or 2 ml of a natural solvent, you can use pure food alcohol, or distilled spirits like grappa or brandy.
Turn on Alarino for a few minutes. The solvent dissolves all of the wax and greasy residues of essential oils that are formed especially when citrus fruit (such as orange, lemon and tangerine) are spread.
If Alarino was completely clogged you could introduce a very thin copper wire from the top hole, and “unblock” the spout. Use itvery carefully to avoid the breakage of the nozzle.
Alarino’s ampoule
What happens if you incidentally break the ampoule of your Alarino? Here you can buy a new one as a standalone product.


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