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Nuvola di Crema 115ml


Nuvola di Crema 115ml


Vanilla, Lemon 
Natural perfume made with real essential oils

Nuvola di Crema means “Creamy Cloud ”
A full, mild and lively fragrance. Our soul is satisfied with the sweet nectar of vanilla that puts the heart at rest. At the same time awakens the spirit and brightens the smile.

Sweet and fruity, a synergy that reminds us of our Granny’s cakes. A cloud of sweetness with which to pamper yourself.

Vanilla active ingredient: contains at least 160 components; the most important are:
vanillin hydroxybenzaldehyde (aldehydes)
properties: it acts with its sweetness on the emotions giving serenity and joy, makes you fell good.

Lemon active: up to 70% limonene, camphene, terpinolene etc …
properties: stimulates and strengthens the digestive, the circulatory and the nervous system and the skin, it is antiseptic, antibacterial and purifying.

Data sheet from: “The secrets of the new Aromatherapy”


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