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Bergamot 10 ml


Bergamot 10 ml


Citrus bergamia

Pure essential oil

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Antidepressant in aromatherapy it is used against stress and to reduce agitation, confusion, depression and fear, bringing optimism and serenity. When inhaled, it induces a joyful and dynamic mood, eliminating psychological barriers. It helps you to be more giving and to receive love with gratitude. It facilitates irradiating happiness around you and support you to treat others properly.
It acts like a soothing on the nervous system by counteracting anxiety, it is an effective remedy for insomnia, because it relaxes and reconciling sleep.
Antiseptic like all essential oils, when applied diluted on the skin, it has a powerful antibacterial and disinfectant effect in case of abscesses and acne. You should be very careful about its dilution and expecially exposure to the sun, as Bergamot reacts with sunlight and can permanently stain your skin.
In douching it acts against cystitis, vaginal discharge and other infections and irritation of the urogenital tract. In mouthwashes, gargles with bergamot are recommended against halitosis.


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