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Damask Rose Hydrolat 100 ml


Damask Rose Hydrolat 100 ml


Aromatic water extracted from a steam current.

Natural tonic, cleanser and astringent: its invigorating and soothing action improves radiance and shine. Great decongestant, this hydrolat is ideal for the treatment of puffy eyes and dark circles. It ‘a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antispasmodic. It gives the protection of a rugged thorny stem. Aphrodisiac, sedative, antidepressant, it can cuddle you like the feeling of a soft petal. Emollient, regenerating cellular purification, the Rose is a friend of the skin.

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The Sufi tradition considers the Rose symbol of transcendental desire, in Christianity it represents divine love and purity, according to the Romans it was born from Venus’ blood, it is considered by everybody the flower par excellence, mystical and perfect.

For one drop of essential oil it takes approximately 30 buds, that’s why this precious botanical is frequently altered or recreated synthetically. It’s obvious that there is no healing properties in the reproduction of rose essential oil which instead is almost miraculous: in fact Rose possesses a vibration among the highest traced in Nature, corresponding to about 320MHz. Her silent aromatherapic action is delicate but very deep: it opens up to understanding, love and listening, removing the negative feelings and freeing from suffering and guilt. It’s very useful in difficult times, during which it helps to overcome the feeling of loneliness and self-destructive tendencies and isolation.


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