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Dinamico Caldo 115 ml



Dinamico Caldo 115 ml


Rosemary, pepper

Aromatherapy for the soul, with essential oils of rosemary and pepper.

Dinamico Caldo means “Dynamic Warm ”
Warm and energizing synergy, mediterranean and wild.
Invigorating and spicy, when Dynamic Warm is with us, it gives us strength.

Solar plant, always considered auspicious, it thrives in the sun of the Mediterranean basin. The essential oil is extracted from the flowering tops that have a lovely fresh, exciting, balsamic aroma. Rosemary increases spiritual strength. Susanne Fischer Rizzi in her paper “Heavenly Scents” compares it to a staff that supports when you are tired and lacking strength.

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Stimulating the nervous system if inhaled, it gives energy, improves concentration and improves memory, especially during periods of high pressure for mental activities. If used in the morning it is a tonic for the whole body; It melts and stimulates our emotions, giving courage, strength and strong will. Real enemy of illusions teaches us to look ahead and to clearly perceive the nuances of life.
Cardiotonic, this essence can affect the heart, for this reason it is recommended in case of fatigue, low blood pressure, weakness and fatigue, even the mental one.
Effective against cellulite and localized fat, it is used as an ingredient in anticellulite cosmetics and muds, thanks to its lipolytic action (dissolves fat) it can stimulate the peripheral circulation and drain the lymphatic system.
Anti-inflammatory, when it is diluted in sweet almond oil and locally massaged, it relieves aching joints and muscles, dissolves uric acid crystals that harden the skin tissues forming edema, swelling and water retention.
Astringent, it has a tonic antiseptic and cleansing effect on the skin. It is helpful in curing acne and dark spots on the skin as well. For these properties it is also used as an ingredient in lotions and shampoos for oily hair, dandruff and against hair fall, as it stimulates circulation and promotes the oxygenation of tissues and hair regrowth.


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