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Dolce Mafalda 30 ml


Dolce Mafalda 30 ml


 Vanilla, Lemon

Synergy of pure essential oils

Dolce Mafalda means Sweet Mafalda

A full fragrance, mild and lively. Our soul is satisfied the sweet nectar of vanilla that puts the heart at rest. At the same time it awakens the spirit and brightens the smile.
Sweet and fruity; a synergy that reminds us of homemade cakes
A cloud of sweetness

Vanilla active ingredients: contains at least 160 components; the most important:
vanillin hydroxybenzaldehyde (aldehydes)
Properties: its sweetness brings up emotions that give serenity, joy and it makes you feel good.

Lemon: active components up to 70%, limonene, camphene, terpinolene etc …
Properties: it stimulates and strengthens the digestive, the circulatory and the nervous systems; on skin it has antiseptic, antibacterial and purifying actions.


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