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Atlantic Cedar 10 ml


Atlantic Cedar 10 ml


Cedrus Atlantica

Pure Essential Oil

Imposing and regal, a symbol of nobility, strength and greatness. His namederives from Kedron, which means power.

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Harmonizing, the essential oil of cedar wood helps being rooted to the ground, it helps balancing the first chakra Muladhara and allows you to “center” on yourself, giving courage, energy, dignity and promoting self-esteem. Especially useful in times of great change to cope with, such us moving or changing a job; at the beginning of a new relationship it helps couples not destabilized too much and not missing individual goals as well. The cedar tree is majestic, full of strength and vigor and when inhaled, it favors the same qualities; it makes stable fickle and uncertain people, when they act immature and they are not focused; it helps to get respect from others, and to convince without conflict.
Effective against hair fall, helps the roots of the hair becoming stronger: the essence, in fact, is an excellent remedy for those who suffer from alopecia. Local application (for exemple a clutch on the head diluted in a vegetable oil) stimulates hair growth, because like all essential oils it is rubefacient and draws blood towards the peripheral circulation. As a result the skin tissues will be irrorated and oxygenated and so the nourishment of the hair, through their root.

Insect repellent, it is often used as a scent in closets to prevent termites and other insects, it is a great perfume for the house.


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