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Buonumore 10 ml


Buonumore 10 ml


Orange, Cinnamon, Mandarin

Synergy of pure essential oil

Buonumore means “Humor”
Come on baby light my fire … The spicy and enveloping mystery of cinnamon and the orange sun of citrus will gently ignite you. It is an irresistible sparkle for your body and soul.
Each Olfattiva product is hand packaged in the old traditional style of botanical perfumery.

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PROPERTIES: Relaxing. The heart of this synergy is citrus fruits, Orange and Mandarin; the essential oil extracted from these fruits has typically solar qualities such as vitality, growth, action, that help to regain confidence in yourselves and in your creativity.

It is a top note scent, its symbol is the sun; the motto of this oil is: I feel positive
refreshing, fruity, sweet scent.

It is a top note scent, its symbol is the sun; the motto of this oil is: Harmony
fresh and citrus tones with a floral twist
Properties: soothing, sedative, very suitable for children in cases of insomnia and nervous tension, digestive.
Mandarin in aromatherapy is used to awaken your inner child, in fact the fragrance of this oil gives a message of joy and playfulness.
It helps to improve the work of the group, as it limits the competitiveness and broadens horizons, allowing you to accept different opinions.

This oil is a base note scent, intense, hot, spicy, the motto of this oil is: Fire
It has a strong antimicrobial action against bacteria and viruses.
The warm and enveloping aroma of cinnamon can help bring light in the darkest hours of life, in moments of sadness, fear, loneliness; It has an euphoric effect and antidepressant, fight mental and physical fatigue.
It is also considered an aphrodisiac, it turns on the fire of passion.


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