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Cloves 10 ml


Cloves 10 ml


Eugenia caryophyllata

Diluted 6%

Cloves have local anesthetic and analgesic properties, for this reason they have been used as a natural remedy for sore teeth for years and they are still present in the composition of many oral disinfectants.

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They stimulate blood circulation, help to overcome fatigue, headaches and memory loss, are digestive, tonic and, it would seem, also powerful aphrodisiacs!
Sienese Doctors of the sixteenthe century wrote that cloves, boiled in a cup of milk, would stimulate the “forces of Venus” and “heal pains of the stomach, liver, heart and head” and “corroborate coitus.”

This precious spice is also a powerful natural antioxidant: it combats free radicals keeping the body young.


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