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Dolci Nanne 5 ml


Dolci Nanne 5 ml


Orange, Blue Chamomile and Lavender

Synergy of pure essential oils

Dolci Nanne means Sweets Dreams
Dolci Nanne is a synergy of pure and relaxing essential oils designed to accompany kids’ dreams. Very balancing, it cleans up the rooms and gives the sense of security of being in a nest.

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Orange: extracted from the rind of the fruit. Sweet and nice, it gives a beneficial effect on the morale and it balances where it finds unbalance. It increases inner joy, develops intuition and sensitivity, takes away the fear of the unknown.
Physically it can stimulate blood circulation and reduce fever.

Blue Chamomile: essential oil extracted from the flowers of the plant, it is very used for its great soothing and calming effect. It can delete ancestral memories. When widespread it acts favorably on the autonomic nervous system, relaxing in case of nervousness and providing a restful sleep.

Lavender: this precious essential oil is extracted from the flowering tops of the plant and its fragrance has an intense, floral, fresh, extremely versatile scent for many different uses. It balances and harmonizes the nervous system, it is effective against insomnia. It gives a sense of protection and tenderness, and opens to the values of the heart. Highly beneficial for the skin, it refreshes and soothes if redness occurs. Antiseptic, it clan up and disinfects environments.


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