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Frizzante 10 ml


Frizzante 10 ml


Mint and Litsea

Synergy of pure essential oils.

Stimulating and balsamic synergy whose scent is fresh, fruity, intense, really Frizzante”Sparkling”!
How not to jump on your chair, if you smell it in the air! Mint helps circulation, fights headache and nausea, helps concentration and digestion.
Litsea is a natural energizer, a tonic, an antidepressant.
Sparkling might be a remedy to cheer up a dull day at work, might be a stimulating scent for the kids’ room when they are playing, might be a lively cuddle for an activity that we like to do.

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Extracted in a vapor stream
Top note
Herbaceous level
Properties: it is an essence that promotes movement, speed and clarity, it stimulates concentration and makes thoughts clear.
It supports digestion, helps in neuralgia, bronchitis, sinusitis and dizziness.

Extracted in a vapor stream
Top note
Used parts: small fruits.

Properties: fresh citrus fragrance, it facilitates concentration, puts in a good mood
and it is a good antiseptic, ideal for the working environment.


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