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Box – Madeleine


Box – Madeleine


Hug, Creamy Cloud, Winter Joy 

Aromatherapy for the Soul, with real essential oils.

In 3practical mini-size.


A delicious pleasure had invaded, isolated me, no notion of cause. And immediately it had got me indifferent to the vicissitudes, dangers had become harmless, the brevity of life had become insignificant … I did not feel mediocre, contingent and mortal anymore. Where did it come from that violent joy? ”
Marcel Proust describes in a few lines what was then called “Madeleine effect”, that is the ability for a taste or a smell to directly and immediately recall a memory provoking an unexpected pleasure.
Madeleine is a wooden box, containing 3 synergies that bring the sweetness of home, of childhood, of the nest.
Lavender and Bergamot are the smell of the drawer of a dresser, your grandmother’s fresh laundry.
Cloudy Cream with Lemon and Vanilla, is the soft scent of homemade pastries.
Winter Joy, with Mandarin, Sweet Orange and Vanilla is the flavor of the cold season in the house, with the skins of citrus fruits thrown in the fireplace or put out to dry.
To cuddle, to come back to childhood and to get protected by a natural scent.
A perfect gift for someone with whom we want to share a part of our life.


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