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Ginger 10 ml


Ginger 10 ml


Zingiber officinalis

Pure Essential Oil

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Essential oil extracted from the roots of the plant, with a fresh, fruity and citrusy aroma.

Toning on the entire body. If inhaled, it balances the energies that are not in harmony. It helps to awaken and warm the sleeping senses, improves concentration and judgment.

Antinausea: useful to get ready for long and tiring trips, because it decreases anxiety; it is used as a moderator in motion sickness (for air, sea and car sickness), and against the nausea which is often present in early gestation. Ginger seems to have no side effects, while many conventional anti-nausea pills would cause drowsiness. This makes ginger essential oil a valid alternative for the treatment of nausea especially at the beginning of pregnancy.

Painkiller: diluted in a vegetable oil and massaged al lover is effective against rheumatic pain, muscle stiffness caused by trauma, tearing, back pain, headaches and neck pain. It has a rubefacient effect (for exemple it can call blood in the upper layers of the skin, warming the area and in this way relieving inflammation). It keeps the body warm after intense exposure to cold.

Digestive: it rebalances and stimulates digestive functions, it is used as a carminative to eliminate intestinal gas, it is useful when you have diarrhea.
Antiviral: it is a powerful antibiotic against infections caused by viruses and bacteria microbes, also effective against fever, cold, cough.
Aphrodisiac: Ginger is a strong stimulant for men’s sexual performance.

Properties: tonic, digestive, stimulating, energizing, aphrodisiac.


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