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Incense 115 ml


Incense 115 ml


Boswellia serrata

Aromatherapy for the soul, with essential oil of Frankincense.

Essential oil extracted from the resin of a shrub that grows in the region of the Red Sea. It has a sweet, hot and spicy aroma. It fosters communication and prayer, creating a link between the human and the Divine.

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Useful for those who have suffered major trauma. On the physical level, it has immunostimulant properties and deepens breathing. Used in cosmetics for its strong anti-wrinkle action. Widespread or burned, it purifies environments.

PROPERTIES: immunostimulant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, wound healing, expectorant, antidepressant.

Purifies exterior and interior environments, it promotes intuition and listening.


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