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Laurel 10 ml


Laurel 10 ml


Laurus Nobilis

Pure Essential Oil

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Stimulating, when is inhaled gently active energy, strengthens the powers of concentration and memory. Develops creativity, calms fears and examination anxiety. When you lack confidence in yourself, you are afraid of public speaking, fear of not keeping up or fail to realize your goals, it promotes psychic awareness and intuition “making the impossible possible.” Useful in cases of exhaustion, tiredness and stress.

Digestive, two drops of laurel essential oil in a teaspoon of honey taken with food, help digestion and sooth the stomach pains. When diluted in vegetable oil and massaged on the abdomen, it plays a relaxes smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal system. It is useful for cramps, irritable bowel and to eliminate the gases that cause bloating and flatulence.

For the Ancients was the tree sacred to the Sun-Apollo, its leaves crowning the head of heroes, geniuses and wise.
The Greeks, in fact, thought that its leaves had the power to give the gift of divination, to ward off bad luck and diseases. Also in Rome it was considered the sign of triumph, so that the victorious generals wore a crown made with its branches, when they were celebrated on Capitol Hill.


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