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Laurel Hydrolat 200 ml


Laurel Hydrolat 200 ml


Laurus Nobilis

Handmade, following the aldeic lunar calendar, steam current extraction from Laurus Nobilis.

For the Ancients Laurel was the tree sacred to Sun-Apollo, whose leaves were crowning heroes’, geniuses’ and wise men’s heads.
As a matter of fact Greeks thought its leaves had the power to communicate the gift of divination and to protect from bad luck and diseases. In Rome it was considered the sign of triumph, in fact victorious generals used to wear a crown made with its branches, when they were celebrated on Capidoglio Hill.

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Awakens creativity, inspiration, puts us in touch with the inner source of fantasy. It tones and cleanses the psychic functions.
Its aromatic water is helpful in long relaxing massages, its heating action relieves muscles which are in tension or pain. It can also be used on the chest to heal a cold or cough. It helps to let go daily fatigue and to ward off all kind of parasite.

The aromatic water Laurel is a handmade product, a derivative of the extraction plant in steam.


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