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Lemongrass 115 ml


Lemongrass 115 ml


Cimbopogon flexuosus

Aromatherapy for the soul, with essential oil of Lemongrass

Free from constraints and conditioning. Essential oil which is extracted from the leaves of the plant with a fresh, intense, citrusy and challenging scent. It acts especially on the left cerebral hemisphere, reinforces the anatical sense. When widespread it purifies the mind from negative and gives freshness of thought, it strengthens concentration. Great for a good awakening. I can also take away pesky insects.

It increases vital energy and psychologically it can inspire you positively when you feel depressed and lethargic. It is also a very good antiseptic and antiviral, ideal to be spread in the diffuser when you have a flu.

PROPERTIES: Antiseptic, tonic, refreshing, purifying, insecticide.


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