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Levante Ultrasonic Diffuser


Levante Ultrasonic Diffuser


Ultrasonic diffuser of essential oils. Bring the smell of nature where you live, with an essential oil of 10 ml included.

Levante silently spreads essential oils using ultrasonic technology, which makes the water evaporate.
Through this process it can generate negative ions in a natural way, in the same way negative ions are generated in the forest or near a waterfall.
The negative ions generated can lower and fight the toxicity of certain pollutants present in the air, micro-humidifying the air at the same time.
Its simple and appealing design can easily find a place in any environment, as Levante is a silent, smelly and pleasant item!


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Levante is also a table lamp tand hanks to LED interior color therapy, you can choose whether or not to activate its light with a button.
Get to use Levante is very simple: once plugged in, simply pour into the container a glass of still water and a few drops of essential oil (at your choice). An one button below the plastic container allows power. Once the water is finished the internal LEDs provide a light signal. We do recommend to spread only essential oils of high quality, preferably organic.


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