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Magical Herbs 115 ml


Magical Herbs 115 ml


Lemongrass, mint
Aromatherapy for the soul, with essential oils of lemongrass and mint.

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Mint awakens the mind, gives clarity and supports concentration. It’s indicated for headaches which have a digestive origin and for mental and physical depression. It acts as a tonic for the nervous system and is an expectorant and an anti-inflammatory, it may therefore be useful to expel the mucus which has been accumulated during the night. It stimulates creativity and the emergence of new ideas, creates excitement, wins apathy. It ‘an essential oil that works on movement and purification.

Lemongrass acts on the left cerebral hemisphere, reviving the analytical sense and giving freshness of thought, strengthens concentration. It is used for spreading in the environments in case of lack of vitality, stress and fatigue. And it is recommended when you have to remove all organic manifestations of stress, it is useful in times of oppression, when you feel tied to unwelcome situations and you feel like you are carrying a burden in your daily routine. It gives a sense of freedom and freshness, supports to counteract immobility and psychological subjection, excessive calm and laziness. It’s very valuable for those who decide to face a change.


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