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Mugo Pine 115 ml


Mugo Pine 115 ml


Pinus mugo

Aromatherapy for the soul, with essential oil of Mountain Pine

The essential oil of pine is ideal during Winter, in fact it has a soothing effect on the airways. It makes us firm and strong, just like a mountain. Glossy and transparent, like the air we breathe at high altitude.

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Ideal for coughs, colds and against the weakness due to lack of light. Fights viruses and diseases derived from colds. Its balsamic scent is great in the sauna but also for environmental diffusion. The essence of mountain pine carries the scent of the woods at home.

The essential oil of pine relaxes your body and soul after a hard day at work and it helps to cope with the cold and long gray days. It is very good against mental fatigue and gives serenity and tranquility.


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