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Myrrh 115 ml


Myrrh 115 ml


Commiphora myrrha

Aromatherapy for the soul, with essential oil of myrrh

Balsamic and spicy essential oil which is extracted from the resin of the plant. In ancient times it was used for the consecration of the Kings.
Harmonizing, myrrh is used to balance the spiritual world with the material one, giving us strength and optimism, especially helps people who are afraid to reveal their real feelings. Il helps becoming humble and focused, predisposes to receive energy and love from others. It helps to overcome the fear of death and the pain of separation. Queen of emotional blocks and of our inability to live spiritually, it encourages us eliminating all the excesses, especially during sleep.

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Antiseptic and antifungal it is used for gargling or for local applicaions, it is used in aromatherapy to solve mouth problems such as gingivitis, stomatitis, piorree sores, sore throat and candidiasis.
Cicatrizing when applied to the skin, especially if diluted in a vegetable oil, it is effective for eczema, cracking of the skin, wrinkles and wounds.
Expectorant when inhaled, it is an effective remedy for colds, coughs and colds.

PROPERTIES: antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory.


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