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Fresh Lemon 10 ml


Fresh Lemon 10 ml


Lemon and Eucalyptus

Synergy of pure essential oils.

Lemon is the solar plant for excellence and has extraordinary properties, it is extremely useful both as a fruit and as essential oil. With its fresh and citrus aroma this oil is extracted from the rind of the fruit by squeezing. Widespread in the environment, the clean energy of Lemon promotes good concentration and analytical sense improving work efficiency and decreases errors.

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Refreshing for the nervous system, the essential oil of lemon when inhaled helps fighting anxiety and nervousness that cause headaches or insomnia and it improves memory. It prevents blocks of the sympathetic nervous system and it stimulates the parasympathetic functions as well. It gives courage and determination. When you are forced to suffer oppression, persecution and harassment of various kinds, it helps get rid of conditioning. It helps in communication (it is ideal for writers and journalists).
It’s an excellent antibiotic, very helpful when the first flu symptoms (such as fever, cold, cough and sore throat) appear. Its antibiotic and hemostatic properties are useful in case of infected wounds, tissue infections, stomatitis, mouth ulcers, cold sores, sore gums or bleeding.
Invigorating of the circulatory system: it stimulates lymphatic and venous circulation, it strengthens blood vessels and thins the blood. Excellent against noise due to poor circulation as heavy legs, edema, cellulite, varicose veins and capillary fragility and chilblains.
Purifying: 2 drops in a teaspoon of honey, helps with liver failure and high blood pressure. Detoxifies the excess toxins, it stimulates liver and pancreas function and supports digestion.

Stimulating the logical faculties, the essential oil of Eucalyptus when inhaled helps restore concentration and freshness in times of disorder and numbness. From a psychic point of view, the eucalyptus is a cold shower for those who easily fall prey to excitement. Its intellectual force favors learning and desire to evolve in lazy and listless people; besides Eucalyptus is helpful in case of inertia, laziness, difficulty in concentrating and lack of interest for intellectual works.
Purifying of the air, when diffused it fights the spread of infectious biological agents such as influenza and paraflu viruses. It preserves health and promotes healing.
Powerful decongestant it cools down and soothes the irritation of the nasal membranes, liquifies the phlegm on which it has an expectorant action, that is it facilitates the expulsion of mucus. In aromatherapy it is used for inhalation, when colds, headaches caused by sinusitis, rhinitis and cough occur.
Antiseptic, it also plays an effective antibacterial activity which is very useful in case of affections of the urogenital tract, in case of cystitis, leucorrhea and candida. It is also recommended for its deodorant effect.
Toning if you have some sort of circulatory failure. Like all balsamic essential oils, if you massage it on the skin it stimulates the circulatory system. Diluted in almond oil and massaged on the lower limbs, it is a blessing for the feet, ankles and tired or swollen legs. In fact it reactivates the circulation and refreshes, recommended especially during Summer.

Aromaterapia sottile

Esercita una profonda azione calmante e stabilizzante. In situazioni di confusione aiuta a prendere decisioni, donando serenità e chiarezza. E’ un olio essenziale che lavora sugli aspetti più interiori e spirituali, allontanando i bisogni superflui.
Favorisce il raccoglimento necessario per affrontare una trasformazione e raccogliere le energie per un nuovo inizio.


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