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Silver Fir 10 ml


Silver Fir 10 ml


Abies Alba

Pure essential oil

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When inhaled, it is a powerful antidepressant, giving inner strength in difficulties. When the path seems impervious it makes us solid and durable, like the mountains on which it grew up. It is also a tonic and a stimulant.
It is a balsamic oil, if vaporized or massaged onto the chest, it is an excellent decongestant remedy airway, because it can calm down a cough, dissolve phlegm and reduce mucus production. Rubefacient, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, if massaged it increases vasodilation and circulation, relieving the pain of osteoarthritis, arthritis, sciatica, cervical and rheumatism.It can deflate edema and swelling, and has soothing and antispasmodic properties on sore muscles or in case of cramps.


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