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Tuffo a cala Sabina 50 ml


Tuffo a cala Sabina 50 ml


Myrtle, Laurel, Artemisia, Absinthe, Juniper, Rosemary, wild Helichrysum

Natural fragrance with essential oils from beautiful Sardinia.

TUFFO A CALA SABINA (“Dive in Cala Sabina”)

Bubbly, distinguished and proud. This unequivocal tonic and clear breeze concentrates in itself all of the wild Sardinian essences that inspired it. From the magic of the Mirto to victorious laurel, from the mysterious Artemisia to refined Juniper, from the brightness of helichrysum to the wildness of Rosemary: a fresh and invigorating synergy.

This fragrance comes from a botanical research conducted on the beautiful beach of Cala Sabina in Sardinia.


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