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Witch Hazel Hydrolat 100 ml



Witch Hazel Hydrolat 100 ml


Hamamelis Virgianana

Aromatic water extracted from a steam current.

Witch hazel hydrolat is used for the production of eye drops, soothing aftershave, toners and decongestants for children’s delicate skin.

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Reduces redness and inflammation, for this reason it isparticularly effective in case of cuperose, sunburn and acne rosacea. Witch hazel hydrolat is a great ingredient to heal inflammations of the mouth and gums, as well as for the redness of the eyes and conjunctivitis. In fact the leaves and bark of witch hazel contain soluble tannins (amamelitannic acid), active ingredients that have a particular tropism towards cell and vascular walls of the membranes, expounding a vasoprotective action, useful for vascular disease; they also revitalise epithelium, to be used in the presence of allergic dermatitis.

Moreover, the presence of flavonoids and triterpene compounds contributes to the muscle tone of the venous walls, compromised in the course of inflammation.


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