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Canapì is Olfattiva’slastest lineof productscentered on Cannabis essential oil and its healing/wellness properties.

Canapì consists of three products that benefit from Hemp aromatherapy properties:

– Hemp essential oil;

– Roll-On sticks made with Hemp essential oil and Almond oil;

– Woodstock, a natural fragrance based on essential oils.

Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil is produced by steam distillation of the cannabis flower and the upper leaves of female hemp plants. Hemp is one of the most useful and complete plants that Mother Nature has created. The depth of this plants vegetable soul encloses properties that benefit spirit, body and mind. Its sunny aroma is a vibrant song of happiness and trust.In aromatherapy, hemp essential oil presents soothing, relaxing and harmonizing actions that are known to amplify sensory consciousness and to offer relief to emotional tensions bringing more balance in your life. Thanks to active components like myrcene and caryophyllene, Cannabis essential oil can also boost the response of your immune system, improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and even nurture your skin the natural way due to its firming and nourishing properties.While diffusing Hemp is a great option, blending it with massage oils is a fantastic strategy for getting the best out of your Hemp essential oil.