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Essential oils diffusers are the most effective way to create a pleasantly fragrant environment in an entirely natural way.

Coldair diffusers are essential for bringing aromatherapy to your home and office: the natural scent of essential oils allows you to experience environments in a new way. You can choose from many different essential oils to diffuse according to your needs or times of the day: in the morning you might prefer the use of energizing plants; in the evening you couldinstead opt for more slow and meditative relaxing oilswhich will reconcile your rest.

Aromatherapy is a branch of phytotherapy, an allopathic discipline that studies the use of extracts of natural origin as medicines or health-promoting agents, and employs essential oils for the care, the harmony of the physical body and the development of human potential. Through the sense of smell, the essential oil molecules run along the nerve fibers and reach the skull cavity, where they unite to form the olfactory bulbs and the pathways that lead directly to the limbic system. The limbic system, which is stimulated in a direct way, is one of the most ancient areas of the brain at the evolutionary level, controlling memories, instincts and vital functions. At the same time, the molecules participate in the gas exchange between the pulmonary alveoli and the capillaries, penetrating into the circulatory system.

Cold air diffusion is hereby essential because heat would induce the oxidation of the active principles of the essential oil: its scent would still be perceived, but it would not benefit from the aromatherapy properties that distinguish it.


Diffused essential oils have a myriad of uses, with each individual oil possessing unique qualities. Essential oils through air diffusion is not only an effective way to create a pleasantly fragrant environment, it also helps to experience aromatherapy in your home bringing several relaxation and health-related benefits, depending on the essential oil you use.

  • use balsamic, expectorant and mucolytic essential oils in case of colds;
  • if you suffer from sleep inertia and always wake up tired, tonic and energizing essential oils will support you and help you start your day more revitalized.
  • enhance activities like Yoga or Pilates with slow and meditative essential oils;
  • if you suffer from meteoropathy, citrus fruits and their solar positivity will help you greatly bringing back your good moodby stimulating the pituitary gland;
  • if you are struggling with getting the sleep your body needs, spread essential oils in the evening hours that will help you relax your mind and body;
  • during a diet, diffuse essential oils that help control nervous hunger between meals;
  • if you have trouble concentrating and staying focused at work or school, assist your attentiveness and mnemonic ability with essential oils that work on those areas of the brain;
  • ripulisci energeticamente un ambiente nuovo o uno molto vissuto;
  • when it’s time to clean the house, diffuse essential oils that provide you with the needed energy; create a welcoming atmosphere for the people you love.

Capturing the essence

Whenever you perceive the scent of a real essential oil

give yourself five seconds and let it in.

Leave everything behind and get ready to feel,

breathe in attentive and relaxed…

…when a sensation of well-being arises inside you

you will have grasped the essence.

Only natural products

The complete naturalness of the product is the cornerstone of our work: since aromatherapy properties belong exclusively to essential oils, a perfume that contains synthetic substances does not bring any benefit to the organism.

  •  Vegan: we use only raw materials of vegetable origin;
  • We use only pure essential oils, obtained through steam distillation, cold-press or absolute extraction. Essential oil is the soul of the plant that holds the active ingredients;
  • It does not contain synthetic substances of any kind (paraben free, etc.);
  • Cruelty free: we produce our products in full respect of the environment and all living beings, we do not test on animals.


Do not insert any other product inside the diffuser besides essential oils. Perfumes or synthetic fragrances will lead to the deterioration of the machine’s functionality. Depending on the technology used by the cold air diffuser, you can use different vectors for the essential oil:

  • water (possibly free of limestone) for ultrasonic diffusers.
  • alcohol (food grade) for nebulizing diffusers which work with the Venturi method.