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Roll-ons with Bach flower are aromatherapy and flower therapy pocket sized products. Their simple and natural composition makes them suitable for use even on the most sensitive skin. The subtle energy of Essential Oils and Bach Flowers always at hand.

Roll-Ons allow you to always carry with you the benefits of essential oils, in synergy with Bach Flowers that enhance their subtle properties.

Roll-On won’t make you project the classic “scent trail”: they are very intimate products, dedicated to those who love the fresh presence of essential oils on their skin.


The Roll-On is a product designed for people always on the move who want to keep pampering themselves with the benefits of aromatherapy and flower therapy during the day:

  • apply the Roll-On on arms and neck to perfume you gently;
  • use a Lavender Roll-On on mosquito bites to reduce the itching and swelling;
  • apply the Roll-On on your favourite reflexology points and perform a light massage;
  • apply a Lavender Roll-On on your wrists and temples in case of headache, as well as on burns, small scratches and abrasions to clean them and soothe them.

Only natural products

Olfattiva guarantees the complete naturalness of the product, made exclusively with almond oil, essential oil and Bach Flower.

  • Vegan: we use only raw materials of vegetable origin;
  • We use only pure essential oils, obtained through steam distillation, cold-press or absolute extraction. Essential oil is the soul of the plant that holds the active ingredients;
  • It does not contain synthetic substances of any kind (paraben free, etc.);
  • Cruelty free: we produce our products in full respect of the environment and all living beings, we do not test on animals.


Essential oils are natural preservatives, often antiseptic and antifungal: they help greatly in maintaining the quality of the product over time. To avoid possible oxidation, we recommend you not to expose Roll-Ons to direct sunlight or heat sources. Do not use the product before exposing yourself to the sun, in particular if it contains citrus fruits (which could originate photosensitivity reactions).