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Nuvola di crema


Vanilla and Lemon

Our soul is satiated with the sweet nectar of Vanilla that puts the heart to rest. At the same time, the Lemon awakens the spirit and illuminates the smile. Nuvola di Crema is a light and fruity scent, which returns the feeling of joy and reception of traditional sweets. A soft and lively cloud to pamper yourself with.

Vanilla and Lemon essential oils are the foundation of all the products included in Nuvola di Crema’s synergistic fragrance line.

The products of the Nuvola di Crema line allow you to carry its sweet joy always with you: through ambient diffusion, while driving your car, through the daily hydration of the skin, or with the fragrance you choose to wear in the morning.The subtle energy and aromatherapy properties of Vanilla and Lemon essential oils will accompany you throughout the day, giving you support and a kind sense of fulfillment.

Olfactory Pyramid:

Head note: Lemon

Base note: Vanilla

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