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Oli e Burri

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Oli e Burri

Vegetable oils and butters are excellent natural moisturizers. They are very versatile: they can be used as ingredients in do-it-yourself cosmetics and are the perfect carrier for essential oils in massages in aromatherapy applications in direct contact with the skin. Vegetable oils and butters give elasticity and tone to dry and dehydrated skin, preventing the formation wrinkles and stretch marks. Rich in nourishing and soothing substances, they also promote cellular reproduction: they can be used both for daily hydration and on abrasions, dermatitis and burns. Our compact and practical dispensers have a hermetic seal that allows you to safely carry them with you.

Enrich you Butters with essential oils to:

  • Perfume
  • Absorb the active ingredients
  • Do-it-yourself cosmetics
  • Make antirheumatic and decontracting blends for sports
  • Create nourishing hair packs
  • Moisturize lips, hands and feet

Only natural products

The complete naturalness of the product is the cornerstone of our work.

Vegan: we use only raw materials of vegetable origin;

We use only pure essential oils, obtained through steam distillation, cold-press or absolute extraction. Essential oil is the soul of the plant that holds the active ingredients;

It does not contain synthetic substances of any kind (paraben free, etc.);

Cruelty free: we produce our products in full respect of the environment and all living beings, we do not test on animals.


Vegetable oils and butters are simple and natural raw materials: they don’t contain preservatives of any kind. We recommend that you keep them away from heat and direct sunlight that may favour their oxidation. Essential oils are natural preservatives; if you desire you can add them to the oil or butter of your choice to prevent their deterioration over time.

3 recipes for you:

  • DYO Face Cream: use100ml sheabutter, 10 drops of incenseand 1 drop of rose essential oils
  • An anti-rheumatic and decontracting blend for your sports activities
  • A nourishing hair pack

Face cream

You can easily prepare a homemade face cream with anti-wrinkle, re-balancing and restorative properties. Take 100ml of sheabutter, add 10 drops of incense essential oil and 1 drop of rose essential oil. Mix them carefully with a teaspoon or, even better, with a blender to create your own personalized face cream.

Nourishing hair pack

No matter what your hair texture is, there are ways to step up its shine and radiance. If your goal is to have shiny and healthy hair on a daily basis we recommend a nourishing hair pack containing essential oil of rosemary and lavender. Take 100 ml of Macadamia if you have dry hair or Aloe if your hair is greasy. Add 35 drops of Rosemary essential oil and 25 drops of Lavender essential oil. Apply it to your dry or well-damped hair and massage it into the scalp. Let it rest for some time, and remember, the more you leave it on your hair the more effective it is! Lastly, rinse thoroughly.

Body Creams against water retention, varicose veins and cellulite(anti-cellulite cream.)

Prepare your do-your-own leg cream: use 100 ml almond oil, 30 drops of cypress essential oils, 20 drops of essential grapefruit oil, 20 drops of essential eucalyptus oil and 5 drops of essential cinnamon oil.Apply the cream to your legs using overlapping circular motions to activate circulation and help the product penetrate deeper into the skin. Don’t use too much product at once when applying the cream. It’s better to add as needed rather than leave a residue that you can’t work into the skin.  And don’t rush: it can take up to 10 minutes to thoroughly and properly applying an anti-cellulite cream until the product is fully absorbed.  Remember, if you want to see results, you have to be consistent. If you can’t apply your anti-cellulite cream twice a day, do it at night, preferably after a shower. As you know, cells regenerate at night while you sleep, so enhance the effects of the treatment by applying the cream before going to bed.