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Bergamot 10 ml


Bergamot 10 ml

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Citrus Bergamia

Fresh and fruity, almost flowery. The essential oil, extracted with the traditional process of cold pressing of the rind, is commonly known as “the scent of Paradise”.

Family: Rutaceae

Distilled part: Rind of the fruit

Extraction method: Cold pressing

Main active ingredients: linalool, limonene, linalyl acetate and bergapten

Each Olfattiva product is hand packed with care in accordance to the traditions of botanical perfumery. 100% Pure Essential Oil.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Thin aromatherapy

Bergamot Essential Oil, extracted by cold pressing of the bark.

The green color of Bergamot Essential Oil reflects the tonic and relaxing qualities of the plant. “The Prince of Citrus Fruits” donates a sense of pleasantness, removes mental blocks, sharpens our senses and brings serenity and happiness to our life. It is andEssential oil of flexibility, it infuses joy and soothes affective pain. It relaxes the mind and refines our senses.


Antispasmodic, digestive, carminative, hypotensive, hepatic and pancreatic stimulant, febrifuge, general tonic, antidepressant, nervous relaxant, antiseptic and antibacterial.


– Antispasmodic: +++

– Digestive and carminative: +++

– Hypotensive: ++

– Hepatic and pancreatic stimulant: +++

– Febrifuge: +++

– General tonic: ++

– Antidepressant: +++

– Nervous relaxant: +++

– Antiseptic and antibacterial: +++


In diffusion: antiseptic, Bergamot Essential Oil cleanses and purifies the air. The feeling of cleanliness regenerates thought and helps concentration.

Massage: properly diluted (1%), Bergamot Essential Oil is an effective purifying treatment for skin and scalp. It limits the production of sebum, and greatly helps in the treatment of acne, boils, cold sores, chilblains, canes. At the same time, it is also a pleasant deodorant. We recommend applying Bergamot on the lower abdomen (2-3 times a day) as it is a helpful adjuvant to cystitis treatment.


Bergamot actively reduces the urge to smoke: it is a great ally if you decide to quit. Fun Fact: Giovanni Maria Farina included Bergamot in the composition of a citrus-based perfume that was produced in Cologne with the name of “Aqua Mirabilis”. It was only in 1742 that this fragrance was given the name with which it is universally known today: “Cologne Water”.


We advise against the use of Bergamot Essential Oil on the skin before exposure to sunlight, as it is Highly Photosensitizing.


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