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Chamomile 1 ml


Chamomile 1 ml


Matricaria Chamomilla

Blue Chamomile Essential Oil is obtained through steam distillation of the flowers. The blue color of the chamazulene, an anti-inflammatory and soothing component, manifests itself only after the distillation. Its sweet, herbaceous and gentle scent gives satisfaction and opens up to understanding.

Family: Asteraceae

Distilled part: Flower Heads

Extraction method: Steam Distillation

Main active ingredients: chamazulene, farnesene, bisabolol and bisabolol oxides

Each Olfattiva product is hand packed with care in accordance to the traditions of botanical perfumery. 100% Pure Essential Oil.

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Blue Chamomile Essential Oil

Thin aromatherapy

Blue Chamomile Essential Oil is obtained through steam distillation of the flowers. It is an excellent sedative and helps greatly to remove negative atavistic memories. It works directly on the neurovegetative system, the part of the nervous system that presides over the control of the visceral functions: as it is highly influenced by the emotional aspects, it facilitates overcoming shocks, anger, nervousness and insomnia. Blue Chamomile Essential Oil is also very useful for people who tend to exaggerate their reactions. Fights dissatisfaction and restlessness, giving a sweet sense of balance and protection.


Anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, analgesic, antispasmodic, antirheumatic, sedative, antineuralgic, febrifuge, digestive, carminative, soothing, skin repair.


– Anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic and analgesic: +++++

– Antispasmodic: +++++

– Antihistamine effect: ++++

– Sedative of the nervous system: ++++ 

– Sleep Conciliator: ++++

– Soothes and repairs skin tissue: ++++

– Anti-neuralgic and febrifuge: +++

– Digestive and carminative: +++


In diffusion: Chamomile creates a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, remindful of a nest and a cuddle. Perfect for children’s sleep.

The deep relaxation state induced by Chamomile can reduce minor pain and muscle tension. It gently soothes the upper respiratory tract and calms irritated mucous membranes: highly beneficial if diffused during colds or allergies.

Massage, ointments and frictions: Blue Chamomile, compared to other varieties, is extremely rich in chamazulene. This active ingredient makes it extremely anti-inflammatory: it is not a coincidence that Blue Chamomile is widely used in cosmetics. In general, Chamomile Essential Oil is an excellent natural pain reliever: it is widely used for treating rheumatism, neuralgia, colic, menstrual pain and headache. Common Chamomile or Blue Chamomile can be used inside compresses to reduce acne, redness and stings. Due to its eudermic properties we recommend it for diaper rash, allergies, irritation and inflammation. Chamomile is often found as an ingredient in soothing skin creams.


Chamomile has a calming and sedative action both on the nervous system and on the muscles. Be careful, at higher doses it has an exciting effect: so, when preparing herbal tea, do not leave chamomile flowers steeped in water for too long!


Chamomile is a safe oil, with no particular contraindications. Also suitable for children. We do not recommend it to people allergic to the Asteraceae (or Compositae) family.


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