Green Mandarin 10 ml


Green Mandarin 10 ml


Citrus Reticulata

Pure Essential Oil.

The mandarin plant (Citrus reticulata or Citrus nobilis) is native from Far East, where its use is proved since prehistoric times. There is evidence of its cultivation as early as 1600 BC, but it was introduced in the Mediterranean area only in the Middle Ages. Like cedar and pomelo, mandarin is one of the oldest citrus fruit, however it is the only one among them producing a sweet fruit. Besides it offers us its precious essential oil, an essence which has many therapeutic properties.
Mandarin Essential Oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit. Its sweet and pleasant aroma gives a beneficial effect on the morale and on general balance. Friendly and beneficial for pregnant moms, it invites you to rediscover your inner child, increasing joy and the joy of discovery.

Green Mandarin Essential Oil

Thin aromatherapy

Red Mandarin Essential Oil is obtained by cold-press extraction of the rind of the fruit. Its sedative action is truly effective when we feel tense and restless. Known for promoting calmness and uplifting the mood, its soothing effect acts in particular on the sympathetic system: this makes it greatly beneficial for evening use. Sweetly tangy, Red Mandarin Essential Oil reduces the negative effects of daily stress, promotes deep, restful sleep, and supports feelings of contentment and wellbeing. It infuses feelings of serenity and joy, supporting our inner child on a psycho-emotional level and making us savor life’s simple things with enthusiasm and amazement.


Digestive, carminative, lymphatic decongestant, lipolytic, antioxidant, anti-nausea, relaxing and antispasmodic, cardiac normalizer, hypotensive and sebum-regulator.


– Digestive and carminative: +++

– Lymphatic decongestant: ++++

– Lipolytic: +++

– Antioxidant: +++

– Anti-nausea: ++++

– Relaxing and antispasmodic: ++++

– Cardiac normalizer (palpitations, tachycardia):): +++

– Hypotensive: +++

– Sebum-regulator: +++


In diffusion: Red Mandarin Essential Oil cleans the air in a subtle and delicate way, especially in the winter, when we don’t open our windows as much. Its digestive action and the direct association with the taste of the fruit make it a perfect ally in the kitchen: it helps to control nervous hunger, creating a warm, joyful and familiar atmosphere. Mandarin is a sedative of the sympathetic system: it is highly effective for fighting insomnia, especially in early childhood.

Massage, ointments and frictions: Red Mandarin Essential Oil improves lymphatic and blood circulation and facilitates the reabsorption of excess fluids. It is among the best essential oils to fight cellulite and water retention, through massages and in aromatic baths.

Children: lively and restless children, in particular, will benefit from an evening massage done by a parent with Mandarin Essential Oil: add a few drops of inside a teaspoon of Almond Oil and massage their feet, ankles and chest; it will create a relaxing and calming effect that will prepare them for a sweet and long night of sleep.


Mandarin is related to childhood. It awakens the child in us and cuddles him gently.


We advise against the use of Mandarin Essential Oil on the skin before exposure to sunlight as it could have a photosensitizing effect.


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