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Neroli 1 ml


Neroli 1 ml


Neroli Essential Oil

Thin aromatherapy

Neroli has been used by Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as it is believed to heal the cracks in the soul. This flower exerts a wonderfully regenerating action: it brings emotional comfort and evokes feelings of purity and tranquility that bring back the candor of our childhood. Its soft, delicate and sweet aroma opens up to new beginnings and lights up sparks of joy. Moon and Sun, the planetary signature of Neroli, promote union between conscious and unconscious, male and female. Due to their calming, settling, centering and uplifting effects, Neroli, like Rose and Lavender, is one of the best Essential Oils for soothing both heart and spirit. Tonic and restorative, Neroli stabilizes mind and body after shock or trauma, reduces worry and stress, helps to overcome anger and resentment, in particular in people who somatize distress on the heart.

Extracted from fresh flowers of orange, a floral, rich and delicate scent which revives beauty and purity, affects the emotional sphere with stimulant and aphrodisiac qualities. It acts primarily on the nervous system, balancing and calming emotional disturbances and the somatization of the digestive system. It can dissolve old tensions and disappointments of love. Very effective as a remedy to fear and depression. Valuable in cosmetics, because of its rejuvenating action to the skin.

PROPERTIES: antidepressant, relaxing, cardiac and circulatory tonic, antispasmodic, bactericidal, skin regenerator, aphrodisiac.


Antidepressant, neurotonic, cardioregulatory and cardioprotective, sedative and calming, anti-hypertensive, antispasmodic, antiseptic, antiparasitic, digestive, carminative, immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory, phlebotonic, intestinal regulator, skin repairer.


– Antidepressant and neurotonic: ++++

– Cardioregulatory and cardioprotective: +++++

– Sedative and calming: ++++

– Anti-hypertensive: ++++

– Antispastic: ++++

– Antiseptic and pesticide: +++

– Digestive and carminative: +++

– Immunomodulating: +++

– Anti-inflammatory: +++

– Phlebotonic: +++

– Intestinal regulator: ++++

– Skin repairer: +++

– Relieves menstrual cramps: +++


In diffusion: Neroli Essential Oil is an invitation to spiritual life: it is deeply beneficial when used in diffusion to prepare yourself for prayer and meditation. It appears that some of its components work directly on the autonomic nervous system (also known as the visceral vegetative system), which is connected to the extremely profound and unconscious aspects of the person.

Face: Neroli Essential Oil is generally well tolerated even by the most sensitive and delicate skin. We witness its powerful regenerating action especially in the cosmetic field: it tones the skin and prevents aging, promoting cell renewal. You can safely add a few drops to your favourite cream or face masks. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, Neroli is also suitable for applications on small skin lesions or skin irritations.

Orally (if food)*: digestive and antispastic, Neroli Essential Oil can be used to regulate the gastric function, especially in the presence of abdominal pain due to nervous tension. A drop of well-diluted Essential Oil is enough. Alternatively, you can use a few teaspoons of hydrolate, (aromatic water deriving from the Steam Distillation process).


Neroli is one of the Essential Oils linked to love. It helps to combine sensuality and spirituality. If worn on the heart Neroli helps to create an aura of great charm.


No specific warnings. Neroli Essential Oil can be used safely in early childhood, during pregnancy and lactation.


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