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Litsea Roll on 10 ml


Litsea Roll on 10 ml


An aromatherapy product that you can carry with you at all times. A purse perfume based on essential oils and Bach Flowers.

Litsea and CERATO: Action

A synergy of Litsea and Cerato in sweet almond oil, energetic and invigorating. The message of these plants directs to new thoughts, dynamism and action.

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Litsea, or ‘May Chang,’ is a small tropical tree native to the southern region of China. The tree has been utilized for a variety of reasons for hundreds of years. Its fragrant flowers and leaves have a delightfully fresh and floral odor. Litsea essential oil is obtained through steam distillation of the small, pepper-like fruits, along with the leaves, roots and flowers, and has a dual action, both stimulating and soothing.

It is said that it creates a direct link with the Angels. It is recommended in case of anxiety and depression as it awakens your lust for life and dissolves your internal disharmonies. It helps you to appreciate the small things of everyday life and prepares you for greater understanding and happiness. It has slight analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Litsea is a sedative, neurovegetative equipoise, antidepressant and natural anxiolytic. Helps fight fears, phobias, insomnia and anxiety, restoring harmony. Litsea essential oil is perfect for a candid light-filled awakening and for invigorating showers.


Those who have not sufficient confidence in themselves to make their own decisions. They constantly seek advice from others, and are often misguided.”

(Dr. Edward Bach)

Cerato is mostly beneficial for all those people who lack faith in their own judgement. It helps them have more faith in their judgement so that they can listen to their inner voice and trust their intuition.


Rub the rollerball evenly along your skin, preferably on the warmest parts, wrists, nape, behind the ears and at the base of the neck. Up to ten applications per day (max. 2 on the lips) are recommended for adults.

Flower therapy

“Therefore, behind every disease are our fears, anxiety, our greed, our desires and repulsive things. Let’s find them and heal them, and with them the diseases from which we suffer will disappear.”

(Dr. Edward Bach)

An energetic cure to heal our emotional imbalances.

The original Bach Flower Remedies is a safe and natural method of healing discovered by Dr. Bach from 1930’s in England. It is called Flower Therapy because it uses natural essences of wild flowers that gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as anger, fear, worry, stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, adjustment issues and lack of self-esteem which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole.

A truly natural cure in harmony with the laws of nature that govern the environment in which we live; a method that respects man in his totality, that acts on the psyche and on the body, on the subtler planes of the organism, rebalancing it in depth.


Alcohol Denat (Beet Alcohol), Aqua (Water), Litsea Essential Oil (Litsea Cubeba Fruit essential oil), * Citral, * Citronellol, * Limonene, * Geraniol.

*Naturally present in essential oils.


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