Stella d’Inverno 115 ml


Stella d’Inverno 115 ml


Lemon, Tonka, Cinnamon

Stella d’Inverno’s spicy warmth returns feelings of an evening spent sitting around the fire, a caring and sweet hug.

Lemon and Cinnamon, both powerful antiseptics, form the foundation on which the caramelized notes of Tonka gently rest.

For a warming and relaxing synergy.

Each Olfattiva product is hand packed with care in accordance to the traditions of botanical perfumery. Natural perfumes based on pure essential oils.


The spicy heat of Stella d’Inverno (Winter Star) is an evening around the fire, a thoughtful and sweet hug.

Lemon and Cinnamon, powerful antiseptic, are the ground on which the notes of caramelized Tonka going to lie. For a heating and relaxina synergy.

Le acque di profumo Olfattiva

Le Acque di Olfattiva are aromatherapy products that contain the purest essential oils, obtained through steam distillation, cold-press or absolute extraction. Botanical perfumery is the art of creating aromatic compositions using only 100% natural raw materials like plant-based essential oil extracted from leaves, stems, flowers, wood, seeds and resins.

Le Acque are crafted without any addition of synthetic products, in full compliance with Natures rhythm: only this way can we faithfully return the energy, the properties and vibrations of the plants contained in the fragrance.

Wear Nature directly on your body, hair and clothes.

Le Acque di Olfattiva are a very versatile aromatherapy product and due to the large format (115ml) you can have the power of the plants always ready and available for every occasion: to perfume your house, clothes, linen, to boost your energy when cleaning your house, a hotel room, to disinfect mattresses, cabinets, suitcases, to create the perfect atmosphere…

Wearing a 100% natural fragrance feels like having an invisible ally always there with you: the light energy of the plants will make your days more enjoyable, harmonizing and elevating your mood.

Orange Essential Oil is highly effective and greatly appreciated by children. Use it in diffusion to calm even the most restless kids. In addition, Orange reduces the negative effects of daily stress, and supports a deep and regenerating restful sleep. Spray it on your children’s clothes, it will infuse them with sweetness, comfort and tranquility.


The absolute naturalness of le Acque di Olfattiva make them a very versatile aromatherapy product.

The large format (115ml) allows you to have the power of the plants always with you, ready and available for every occasion:

The large format (115ml) allows you to have the power of the plants always with you, ready and available for every occasion:

wear it on your body, clothes and hair;

spray on pillows and bedsheets to keep benefitting from the relaxing oils also while you sleep;

perfume clothes and linen;

each morning, while you get yourself ready for the day, charge your body with your favourite energizing oil;

enjoy creating a personal scented cloud in the hot steam of the shower;

make car journeys more enjoyable and your car more fragrant and fresh;

disinfect mattress, cabinets, suitcases;

spray your favorite oils at home, in dehumidifiers, on curtains, cushions and sofas to pamper you;

when cleaning your house, a hotel room, a work or study place, give yourself a truly energizing boost;

create the perfect atmosphere, predispose yourself for meditation, sport activities or your hobbies.

Layer perfumes to create your truly unique scent!

Scent mixing. Perfume layering. Fragrance cocktailing. Whatever you may call it, layering scents is the art of mixing two or more scents together: you can spray two perfumes directly on top of each other or you can spray one scent on your wrists and another on your neck. You get the freedom of custom-blending a signature scent to reflect exactly your personality or how you’re feeling. For example, sweet Orange on neck and wrists, Ylang Ylang on your clothes! Or, maybe, you rather prefer to combine Vanilla and Patchouli all over the body. Play around with different combinations and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Capturing the essence

When you first perceive the scent of a real essential oil

give yourself five seconds and let it sink in.

Leave everything behind and get ready to sense it,

breathe in, attentive and relaxed…

…when a feeling of well-being arises inside you

you will have grasped the essence.

Notes of Naturalness

Olfattiva originates from a need for purity and authenticity, which led us to rediscover the principles of ancient perfumery and to deepen our knowledge of plants.

The complete naturalness of the product is the cornerstone of our work: since aromatherapy properties belong exclusively to essential oils, a perfume that contains synthetic substances does not bring any benefit to the organism.

Vegan: we use only raw materials of vegetable origin;

We use only pure essential oils, obtained through steam distillation, cold-press or absolute extraction. Essential oil is the soul of the plant that holds the active ingredients;

Our products do not contain synthetic substances of any kind (paraben free, etc.);

Cruelty free: we produce our products in full respect of the environment and all living beings, we do not test on animals.

Advice and warnings

Plants produce essential oil to protect themselves from mold, bacteria and external agents. Essential oils are natural preservatives, often antiseptic and antifungal. In addition, the presence of beet alcohol inside the Botanical Perfumes further favors the good preservation of the product. If properly stored these products do not have a proper expiration date and can be used for several years: only Acque containing citrus fruits, which are more sensitive to oxidation, should be used within a year to fully enjoy their freshness.

Origin of the Raw Material

Cinnamon: Madagascar

Lemon: Sicily

Tonka: South America


Beet Alcohol (Alcohol Denat), Water (Aqua), Cinnamon Essential Oil (Cinnamomum Verum), Lemon Essential oil (Citrus Limonum), Tonka Essential Oil (Dipteryx Odorata), * Limonene, * Linalool, * Citral, * Geraniol

*Naturally present in essential oils.


  1. Barbara (verified owner)

    Il profumo sarebbe gradevole, limone e cannella addolciti dalla fava tonka, peccato però che la persistenza sia troppo breve, dopo mezz’ora non si sente più.

    • Noemi Bassi

      Ciao Barbara,
      grazie per il tuo commento.
      La persistenza di un profumo naturale è più bassa di quella di un profumo commerciale perché per la sua realizzazione rifiutiamo tutti gli elementi di sintesi, compresi quelli di fissaggio, preferendo invece tutti elementi di origine naturale ed estratti da pianta.
      Se desideri aumentare la persistenza di Stella d’Inverno ti consiglio di nebulizzare il prodotto su tessuti come abiti o biancheria, perché la molecola di cotone si aggrappa meglio alla fibra di cotone rispetto alla pelle o all’ambiente.
      Rimango a disposizione per ogni esigenza.
      Un saluto profumato,
      Noemi Team Olfattiva

  2. elenab_82 (verified owner)

    Buona la Fava Tonka, si sente bene! E’ un profumo dolce e caldo, ma senza esagerare; mi ricorda l’amaretto. E’ buonissimo!

  3. Rita

    Allora comincio con il dire che non mi piace la cannella, che non mi ha mai fatto impazzire il limone nei profumi e che la fava tonka l’ho notata principalmente nelle piramidi di profumi maschili e dovrebbe avere un odore caratterizzante grazie alla coumarina. Quindi mi direte perché ho acquistato questo profumo? Perché è meraviglioso!! L’ho provato in un negozio e me ne sono innamorata, sa di limone non quello chimico e aspro, invadente dei profumi sintetici ma quello caratteristico di un limoneto ma molto più dolce e poi leggerissimamente speziato grazie alla cannella e probabilmente alla fava tonka… Meraviglioso, non so come descriverlo se non dire che sembra un abbraccio, ti fa sentire a casa, bene. Il limone dovrebbe fare percepire questo profumo come energetico e frizzante invece è un mix perfetto, rilassante, una calda coccola che però ti mette di buon umore. Sarà che il mix smorza un po’ tutto esaltandone le parti migliori. Unica pecca, rispetto ad altri che ho provato su di me sembra durare molto, molto, molto meno. Se ne esistesse un vero e proprio profumo lo acquisterei costasse pure tre volte tanto perché ne vale proprio la pena, una goduria per i sensi.
    In merito a questo profumo avrei però da porvi delle domande, nell’ inci sono elencati subito dopo l’alcol gli oli essenziali rispettivamente di cannella, limone e tonka è proprio di quest’ultimo che mi chiedevo se ne esistesse l’ olio essenziale e che odore avesse (forse vanigliato, erbaceo?), mi chiedevo se me lo potreste descrivere così da intercettarlo meglio all’ interno dell’acqua di profumo e quale effetto aromaterapico dovrebbe avere. Poi mi chiedevo se oltre ad essere tutti naturali gli oli essenziali fossero anche biologici per il discorso dei pesticidi.
    Un ultima cosa non è specificato se l’ olio essenziale di cannella proviene dalla corteccia o dalle foglie… Scusate il disturbo e grazie in anticipo per le risposte

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